Mag. Dr. (habil.) Marianne Mödlinger

I specialise in archaeometallurgy, and have extensive experience in the metallography of copper alloys, and therewith connected analytical techniques (SEM-EDXS, XRF, DTA, TGA, XRD, …). I am also interested in the application of casting simulations, neutron diffraction, the possibilities of dating archaeological bronzes, and peacekeeping strategies in prehistory. Moreover, I am also engaged in the protection of cultural heritage.

I studied archaeometry, prehistory and historical archaeology in Vienna and Freiberg (Mag. phil. and Dr. phil.) and obtained my habilitation in archaeology in Italy in 2017; in 2019, I started my second PhD in Material Science at the University of Genoa.

Since 2005 I have led international research activities and projects involving multi-period research questions, especially focusing on manufacture and usage of copper alloy artifacts.

I have previously worked in Austria, Germany, the Baltic States, Italy and France and taught at different universities in Austria, Italy and France.


Contact: marianne.moedlinger (at) gmail.com

Publications: most of my publications are open access or can be found via  academia.eduresearchgate, ORCID and SCOPUS.

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